Here the presentation of the authors


Dario Camuffo CNR-ISAC

Standardization activity in the evaluation of moisture content

Camuffo Modhima


Barbara Lubelli Delft University of Technology

Effectiveness of methods against rising damp in buildings: the EMERISDA project

modhima_Lubelli_for website


Yves Vanhellemont Belgian Building Research Institute BBRI

Are electrokinetic methods suitable for the treatment of rising damp?

modihma – Vanhellemont


Nicola Ludwig, Jacopo Melada Università degli Studi di Milano UNIMI

Does electro osmosis work in moisture damage prevent? New optical non invasive method monitoring and problems connected with experimental measurements



Rita Vecchiattini Università degli Studi di Genova

Moisture monitoring experiences in the old town of Genoa (It)



Elisabetta Rosina Politecnico di Milano

When and how to reduce moisture content for the conservation of historic building. A problem solving view or monitoring approach?

Modihma presentation_Rosina def


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