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2018, 4th June

Aula Rogers | Politecnico di Milano

Methods to prevent and reduce dampness in masonry



Methods to prevent and reduce dampness in masonry  Among the various methods and devices for reducing rising damp, the three most popular types applied for the conservation of historic buildings are: active electro osmosis system, physical or chemical barriers and electronic and electro-magnetic devices.  Electro-osmosis system and chemical barriers were devised in the seventies and have been accurately tested and verified in the lab and in the field […]

past congress

1st Conference – 25 march 2011 The research line MOdihMA (MOisture detection in historical MAsonry) proposes to improve the innovative techniques recently developed to measure different parameters related to water content in masonry, that has an important role in the damage of historical buildings. Non-destructive technologies for the detection of the presence of water in the historic walls was the project MOdihMA (MOisture detection in historic […]


Here the presentation of the authors   Dario Camuffo CNR-ISAC Standardization activity in the evaluation of moisture content Camuffo Modhima   Barbara Lubelli Delft University of Technology Effectiveness of methods against rising damp in buildings: the EMERISDA project modhima_Lubelli_for website   Yves Vanhellemont Belgian Building Research Institute BBRI Are electrokinetic methods suitable for the treatment of rising damp? modihma – Vanhellemont   Nicola Ludwig, Jacopo Melada Università degli Studi […]

news about the submission

english Due to the high number of partecipants that have to accomplish the submission, we will provide free laptop with internet connection, available to reach your bank account for payment. The submission will starts earlyer at 8.15 am, to prevent long queing. It is possible to register until the morning of 4 June. Payment can only be made as a bank transfer, not for cash. […]

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Directions to reach the Conference

Directions to reach the Conference

Metro Green – Stop Piola Tram 19 and 33 Bus 62 and 91

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2nd conference

2nd conference

MOdihMA Moisture detection in historic masonry 2018, 4th june via Ampere, 2 | Aula Rogers | Politecnico di Milano   Conferenza Internazionale organizzata a cura di: Politecnico di Milano, CNR ICVBC, Università degli Studi di Milano Ad oggi il mercato propone numerose soluzioni al fine di eliminare umidità all’interno della muratura, presentando un ventaglio di possibilità che spazia fra sistemi elettrosmotici attivi, barriere fisiche e […]

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4th june 2018

new tools for the protection of Cultural Heritage

innovative techniques for in-situ diagnostic


The 2nd conference will be on the 4th of June 2018


at the following link you can download the event poster

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